?Sberschrift :: Audioguide-Routen in der Ausstellung Audio guides – Free-of-charge for your visit to the exhibition

Audio guides – Free-of-charge for your visit to the exhibition:

Discover new aspects to the “Vertical Wilderness�? exhibition in the Haus der Berge with our free audio guides. Do you want to follow in the tracks of the animals that live in the mountains? Or would you prefer to get to know how people use and influence nature? If so, then select the corresponding audio guide when purchasing your admission ticket. Simply ask at the cash desk. Audio guide routes through the exhibition.

Mysterious mountain inhabitants:

Is the roe deer the red deer stag’s partner? What lives in the depths of Lake Königssee? Is the “Gamsbart�? hunting decoration really made from the beard of a chamois? Are ravens really bad parents? Find out about interesting and curious stories surrounding the animals that live in Berchtesgaden National Park.

People and nature:

This audio route focuses on the following questions:

  • How much nature do people need?
  • How much influence from people can nature take?
  • People use the natural world to recover and recuperate from everyday life.
  • But how does nature recover from the influence of people?

At selected exhibits, you can listen to information, thoughts and poems which focus on these questions.

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