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Outdoor Area

The Outdoor Area comprises two parts: one is open to all visitors and another which is reserved for participants of Educational Centre events. This area includes the historical “Almkaser�? Alpine pasture hut (“Lahnerkaser�?) as well as the themed areas water, meadow and forest. Monika Schüller from Munich is the responsible landscape architect for this outdoor area.

The panoramic path and Alpine garden are open to all visitors, as is the Bürgerplatz. The Mountain Arena fulfils a duel role as it is available to both groups and individual visitors.

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Panoramic path

On the panoramic path, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Watzmann massif and over the Berchtesgaden valley while passing through the Outdoor Area of the National Park Centre. The mood of the mountain silhouettes changes with the weather. Breaks in the weather and cloud movements can be perfectly observed from the panoramic footpath. There are also seating areas along the trail, inviting guests to stop and enjoy the view.

The four main habitats water, forest, Alpine pasture and rocky terrain are also to be found along the path. This disabled-access walking path with its outstanding panoramic views into the National Park can be explored with all the family, irrespective of whether you visit the exhibition or not. You can enter the publically-accessible Outdoor Area via the information building.

The following elements are currently being developed along the panoramic path:

  • Alpine garden – Showcasing the National Park’s typical plants
  • Mountain Arena – Space for events such as concerts
  • Water games – Build dams with Wimbach gravel
  • as well as other natural play apparatus for children

In addition, on our panoramic path you can find out about the design and purpose of a bivouac box.

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Nature education area

The nature education area is only accessible to supervised groups as part of the environmental education programmes and represents the ideal learning environment for various target groups with its diverse range of zones.

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